While we are no longer developing Digital Mysteries and Thinking Kit, we are leaving our website up for those of you interested in the ideas behind the Apps.


Reflective Thinking officially started in January 2012. Director Dr. Ahmed Kharrufa had completed a PhD at Newcastle University and this combination of extensive studies into computer supported collaborative learning and 15 years experience in programming led to the beginning of the company.

This fusion of expertise and world-leading research inspired Reflective Thinking's passion for the future of learning. Involved in continuous studies in the sector, the team are at the forefront of innovation in education. The published research papers of these studies have been acknowledged by leading researchers across the world and international press.

At BETT 2013, Reflective Thinking launched their first product: collaborative learning platform Digital Mysteries. The program originates from the paper tool Mysteries, which Professor David Leat created in the 1990s. Paper Mysteries consist of 15-30 paper slips of information with a strong narrative thread on a range of things including people, places, times, phenomena, events and abstract information. Groups are asked an open question which is often supplemented by some closed questions. The process is designed to encourage higher-order thinking.

Reflective Thinking developed this concept into the 21st century version it is today, and due to the academic research behind it, the educational benefits of the software are as well thought out as each and every feature.

The company is already helping students collaborate effectively, increase their 21st century learning skills and perfecting the classroom of tomorrow, today.

Our Vision

Through world class research, create innovative technology that empowers teachers and helps students to become better team players and higher-level thinkers.

Who's in the team?

Ahmed and David are no longer involved with Reflective Thinking.

ahmedheadshotDr. Ahmed Kharrufa is the Director of Reflective Thinking. With vast experience in programming and an enthusiasm for technology-enhanced collaborative learning, he created the company in 2012. Dr. Kharrufa is also actively involved in research at Culture Lab, Newcastle University, as a research associate. His research interest is a continuation of his PhD work on digital tabletop technology and technology-enhanced collaborative learning. With this in mind, Reflective Thinking continue to be at the forefront of innovation.

davidheadshotProfessor David Leat is a consultant to Reflective Thinking. Also now the Director for the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLaT) at Newcastle University, his interest in thinking skills has developed over the past 20 years through projects on metacognition, Learning2Learn and innovative assessment to focus on Enquiry Based Learning/Curriculum. Professor Leat created the paper tool Mysteries, which forms the origins of Digital Mysteries, in the 1990s alongside the Thinking Through Geography group (authors and secondary school teachers).