While we are no longer developing Digital Mysteries and Thinking Kit, we are leaving our website up for those of you interested in the ideas behind the Apps.



Our background is computing science. That, combined with our research into how technology can support learning, is why we’ve dedicated our time helping teachers explore the concepts behind programming with their students, and digital literacy.

Computing at Schools


Computing at Schools

You can read our more extensive look at this term here but to summarise, we believe it is not just about computer software, but also the concepts we use to solve problems in our daily lives.

One of our main goals was to make the content relevant and relatable. As you'll appreciate, it’s easier to introduce new problems through first using well-known concepts that students feel comfortable about.

When something is familiar, they get on with the task and enjoy solving it, but are only later told how it is relevant to a certain point of the computing curriculum.

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